pratherINK is a small, service-oriented editing business established in 2014. We love helping honest people realize their dreams, and we seek to combine the most exacting professional standards with genuine concern for our clients and their work.

We offer a complete range of editing services for all types of writers. Whether you are a seasoned author, published academic, an amateur with big dreams, or a struggling college student seeking basic assistance, we can help you along the path to greater literary success. While we offer fast reliable service to a variety of writers, we frequently develop close relationships with established authors who give us the highest praise of their repeat business.

Our general services include:

* Proofreading  – line by line, we will  fix your commas and clean up your spelling while keeping your voice in the forefront.

* Editing – from word choice to detailed plot issues, we customize our rates and services to meet your editorial needs. 

In addition to the normal range of editing services, our two full-time staff members have distinct areas of expertise:

Mrs. P Edits is your one-stop editing shop for any writing intended for a Christian or religious audience, as well as informal non-fiction projects, or clean fiction novels.

* Academic consultation – our in-house PhD will assist you in preparing essays, dissertations, journal articles and other academic work, at all levels of education. 

For a more detailed list of services as well as information about fees, check out our Rates & Services page.


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